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Click, Tap, Read by Lisa Guernsey and Michael H. Levine

Tap, Click, Read

Growing Readers in a World of Screens

Jossey-Bass, 2015

By Lisa Guernsey and Michael H. Levine


What is Tap, Click, Read about?

This book maps out a modern approach to helping children learn, with a particular emphasis on learning to read. We avoid the tired nagging of no screen time” and the overheated enthusiasm over apps as the holy grail of early education. Our aim is to ensure that all children, regardless of their parents’ income, will gain the skills of 21stcentury literacy that come from the combination of parents, educators, and high-quality media. 

Why did you write this book?

We wrote the book because ?an alarming number of children in the United States never become good readers. More than two-­thirds of American fourth graders are not reading at grade level or “proficiently,” according to the Nation’s Report card. For children in low-income families and children of color, the numbers are even worse: more than 80 percent are not hitting the proficient mark. Despite billions of dollars of interventions and new programs, that percentage has barely budged for more than two decades. That, to us, is a crisis.

For more, including videos and toolkits for communities and educators, see the Tap, Click, Read website at

All royalties from Tap, Click, Read go to our non-profit institutions to strengthen programs focused on helping young children succeed.


Want a signed copy?

Autographed books are available at Hooray for Books!, an excellent independent children's bookstore in Alexandria, Va.

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